Sahal Express was founded in 2009 to offer faster, secure, convenient and more economical solution to international money transfers, leveraging modern technologies and an on-line customer interface. Sahal Express today offers a secure solution that is vastly superior to other agencies; it allows consumers to send remittance by using cash, credit cards, debit cards, or standing order.

This technology gives customers convenience, safety and security of sending money anywhere in the world. 
People who manage Sahal Express have extensive experience in money transfer, consumer protection, transaction processing and data security. We highly value our customers and responsive to their needs. 

Sahal provide you three minutes to send remittance around the globe  - easy transaction and easy collection

Our customers can chose to send remittance by using following options:
  • Send by cash
  • Credit and debit cards(Coming soon)
  • Open an account with us and send remittance monthly basis(coming soon)

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